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Seven Ways to Instantly Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

You can always spot a home and lawn which is carefully tended to by its owner. Homes with enhanced curb appeal are proven to sell quicker and be more tempting to potential home buyers.

The old saying says, not to judge a book by its cover, but we have all fallen victim to the allure of sizing up something before we have adequate time to evaluate its real worth and potential. Human nature tells us it can be difficult not to pass judgment on first glance. This becomes especially true when you are in the market for a new residence. When you are a home buyer and you drive up to a potential home, the first thing you take in is the home’s curb appeal.

A house and street with charm and an obviously dedicated neighborhood contingency of lawn caretakers can speak volumes to its value and potential for ownership. No one wants to purchase or live in a home with an unappealing view from the street. Instead, we envision ourselves pulling into the driveway after a hard-won tennis match or a long day at work, scanning the front yard and nodding internally with pleasure and content. We want to take in the lush green yard and the flowers showing off their vast array of colors as they prop themselves lazily toward the summer sun. It is these simple pleasures which make a house a home in the mind of a potential buyer.

There is a tendency to carry unspoken respect for a homeowner who maintains a beautiful home and lawn. More importantly, for homeowners interested in selling their home in the near future, curb appeal can make a tremendous difference in the buyer’s perception of the home’s value. Thus, it becomes more important to provide buyers with the promise of a manicured view from the street. Merely having the flower beds maintained can speak volumes to a buyer because curb appeal is proven to help sell a home. Plus, in the current real estate market, the extreme lack of inventory in and around the Atlanta area is driving up competition among buyers, and it increases the likelihood of multiple offers. If you want to secure the highest price and the best possible selling conditions, then start by addressing small things around your home. Little differences can add value and allure. Furthermore, landscape changes are often less time consuming and expensive than other home projects.  

Here are seven simple and cost-effective ways to instantly add curb appeal to your home. By doing some or all of these, you are putting your home in a better position to appeal to potential buyers.

  1. Add mulch to flower beds. Bushes, trees, and flowers pop when they are offset by a solid layer of mulch. The mulch also helps to nourish the beds for future seasons and will break down old vegetation to fertilize the soil, keeping beds looking better for a more extended period.
  2. Paint window sills and doors. A fresh coat of paint, inside or outside the house, gives it an instant facelift.
  3. Add a pop of color. Colors draw the eyes to a focal point. By brightening up a front door with an attractive coat of blue, yellow, or green paint or by spreading sweet and colorful flowers throughout the beds, you will be positively attracting the attention of buyers.

Seven Ways to Instantly Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

A highly saturated color on the front door beckons with a welcoming call to passersby.

  1. Keep a well maintained and freshly mowed yard. A gorgeous front yard is more than just a collection of flower beds, when a lawn is newly cut and uniform it is a work of art in and of itself.
  2. A wreath and welcome mat make a big statement. With any home, small touches can make a big difference, and a welcome mat and wreath give off an inviting aesthetic.
  3. Make necessary repairs. Examine and repair any damage to your property’s fences, retaining walls, ponds or water features. Ensure everything is working correctly and there are no visible deficiencies.  
  4. Prune back overgrown vegetation. A simple set of sheers can help you manicure and perfect unruly plants. Give your plants a little shape and see how they transform the look of your yard.

After you make all the improvements to increase your home’s curb appeal and you reap the benefits of a quick sale, you need to find a new place to lay down roots for yourself and your family. For this task you will want to contact a realtor who is well versed in managing clients, meeting and exceeding expectations, providing unparalleled responsiveness and client service, and finding his clients the luxury Atlanta home of their dreams. Call the expert, Don Bell of Don Bell Luxury Real Estate.

Seven Ways to Instantly Add Curb Appeal to Your Home


Don Bell has over 20 years of experience in real estate, and he has assisted over 620 homeowners with making one of the most important buying decisions of their life, purchasing a new home.   Don specializes in pinpointing well-suited homes of distinction in and around the north Atlanta area. He can offer individualized attention to his clients because he chooses to only take on a limited number of buyers at one time.  

If you are the type of seller who appreciates a well-manicured lawn and the draw of curb appeal, then you most certainly are the type of buyer who understands the importance of paying attention to detail. Don Bell is just the type of realtor you need to help secure the home of your dreams. Give him a call today to get started on the search for your new luxury Atlanta residence.


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