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Mountain Creek Inn Callaway Gardens Pine Mountain Georgia Travel

I recently took a mini vacation to Pine Mountain and after checking out the things I wanted to see and do while I was there, I decided to make reservations to stay at Mountain Creek Inn at Callaway Gardens.  This was the first time I’ve stayed at the Inn.  It was central to where I was going and I loved the convenience.

Let’s go ahead and address the money and get that out of the way. If you’re traveling on a budget and prefer to stay at motels/hotels/Inns etc that don’t have hidden charges, then I’ll go ahead and tell you that this hotel might not be the place for you.  As a rule, I always plan to spend up to triple per night when I stay at places that have extra fees and I recommend you do the same.

The room was pretty basic as you’ll see in my video, which is not a bad thing.  Especially if you’re only going to be there at night to sleep.  The room included a pass to Callaway Gardens and if you’re planning to see Fantasy in Lights, you might want to check out their packages.  I had to pay extra for it and I rode the trolley through the event instead of driving so I could sit back and relax.  That was extra as well.

I didn’t take advantage of it but they also have a fitness center on sight for their guests to use.

In the room, they provide a coffee pot, an iron, ironing board and a hairdryer.  They do not have a microwave, refrigerator, etc. There also isn’t a closet for your clothes but they do provide a nice roomy dresser to store your clothes in and there is a place to hang your clothes where the ironing board is.  They also provide a table for working on your laptop, writing letters or what not and there’s also a bedside table with a drawer and a shelf.

You get a complimentary 2 bottles of water per stay.  There were also sample size condiments in the bathroom, enough for 1 person for 1 bath or 2 if you skimp.  If you need extra towels, washcloths or sheets, you will be charged for them.  B.T.W. I have to point out that the shampoo was absolutely amazing.

The room was really clean and that’s important to me.  I’m a mean jean cleaning machine.  The bed I slept in was comfortable and I managed to sleep through the night even with my chronic pain which never happens (maybe a new mattress would solve that problem).  They provide 4 pillows per bed and they were also comfortable because I like huge fluffy pillows.  I had a 2-bed queen room.

I stayed in room 100 which is just a hop and a skip from the lobby.  I felt really safe there at all times.  Even when I walked around at night to see everything lit up.  It’s on the inside walkway of the hotel and I could see every which way at all times.  I will ask for this room specifically for future stays.

I found a courtyard which had a pond, some tables, and some fire pits.  I had booked a courtyard view and realized after the fact that I didn’t get one even though I’m pretty sure I paid extra for it.  I thought the little walkway into the lobby was what they considered the courtyard and it was bewildering as to why they called it that, lol.

But like I said, I was happy with the room I did get and it was around the corner from a coke and snack machine as well.  I was on the bottom floor which I requested.  I can’t lug suitcases and everything I bring with me, upstairs, with my chronic back pain; s/p failed back surgery.

As far as I could figure out from the site when I made my reservations, they do not provide an elevator.  I even looked for one and didn’t see one.  This was not a problem for me though because as I mentioned, I did request a bottom floor room.

They also had an area for bird watchers and nature lovers like me.  It was peaceful and relaxing to sit and watch the birds.  I thought this was a really nice touch.  They have a swimming pool but I couldn’t find it not that I wanted to swim in this chilly weather.

On my next trip, I’ll focus on the food and all of the restaurants at Callaway Gardens.  I didn’t have time to check them all out because I had planned a lot of activities during my stay as well as an extra day to do nothing but rest.  They provide a restaurant on site but it’s not open all the time & if I’m not mistaken it opens at 3 p.m., but, The Country Kitchen restaurant is just down the street.

I have to say that even though the hotel is basic, and even though I {probably} could have stayed in a 5-star motel for what I paid, lol, I would recommend it if you’re not on a strict budget. I’m predicting that I will stay here again.  I prefer to be in the center of it all and Mountain Creek Inn at Callaway Gardens gave me that convenience.  At my age, I’m all about cleanliness, feeling safe (because I travel alone 99% of the time), and convenience.   I don’t need a lot of extras to make me happy.

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18 thoughts on “Mountain Creek Inn Callaway Gardens Pine Mountain Georgia Travel”

  1. robin rue says:

    That sounds like such a lovely place to stay. I have never been to that part of Georgia before, but I would love to visit.

  2. Amber Myers says:

    I would love to stay here one day. It looks so relaxing. I don’t care about basic rooms! So long as there’s a comfy bed, I’m good to go.

  3. I was looking for places to go to see the leaves changing color…in Florida, we don’t get that. I ran across Pine Mountain. It looks like a lovely place.

  4. Jeanette says:

    You have brought me back to my childhood! I really forgot about Callaway Gardens. It was a place that my family went to a lot when I was a child. I would love to explore there now you got it all back to me in these pictures!

  5. Doria says:

    Such beautiful grounds! It sounds like such a great place for a getaway, we’ll have to remember this place next time we pass through Georgia!

  6. Tomi C says:

    The grounds look lovely. Those Autumn colors really shine through in your pictures. Looks like a great place to spend a weekend getaway.

  7. Angelic Sinova says:

    Mountain Creek Inn seems like such a lovely place to stay. I loved all of the tress and fall colors/leaves. Even though I’m super excited for winter/the holidays, I love how gorgeous nature is during fall.

  8. I love the pics, they say so much! Georgia is definitely an interesting place to visit. I think I will be checking out Mountain Creek Inn

  9. Heather says:

    It looks like a lovely place to stay especially for the holidays. If we travel to Georgia I will consider staying here.

  10. It looks like a nice place to see fall foliage. I prefer rooms with microwaves and mini-fridge as they save me money and time.

  11. THe grounds remind me of a place I visited with my family often when I was a kid. It was quite rural and beautiful! I would love to take my kids there now.

  12. Pam says:

    I love Callaway Gardens! And I don’t mind basic hotel rooms if the hotel is in a good location.

  13. Claudia Krusch says:

    Mountain Creek Inn would be an amazing get away. I love to get out in nature and explore.

  14. The Mountain Creek Inn seems to be strategically located. Though it is minus the frills, I think it would serve the purpose and be convenient if you are using it just for sleeping. Of course you have rightly mentioned that one may need to factor in all the extras.

  15. Heather says:

    It sounds like a great place to stay for the night. While the rooms might be simple, outside this Inn looks beautiful. I love the garden areas and trails.

  16. Nikka Shae says:

    The grounds and rooms are beautiful. Pine Mountain is about and hour away from me and I think next year I will add this to my list of things to visit!

  17. Adrienne says:

    This place looks so peaceful! I was looking online the other day for remote spots in the woods and this place should probably be added to my list!

  18. This place seems so lovely and charming, especially its outside. Thanks for the recommendation!

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