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Dauset Trails Nature Center Travel

I’d been hearing a lot about Dauset Trails Nature Center and decided to take a short weekend trip to check it out. I love animals and so do the kids so it sounded like the perfect little getaway. While they do offer camping, it’s only available for organized groups. It would be perfect for the boy and girl scouts or other groups along these lines. There was quite a bit to see, it took a good day to see it all but two days would have been too much with impatient kids. I would have loved to have spent a day exploring the gardens but we were fighting the elements of winter and decided one day was enough. The nature center is in Jackson, GA and was easy to find. It’s off the beaten path but google maps get me everywhere I need to go.

They had a nice gift shop and do accept donations as they’re a non-profit organization. As stated on Wikipedia, their mission is to provide its visitors with environmental education, outdoor recreation, and an understanding of early farm life. The farm was one of our favorite places at the center. The kids enjoyed all of the animals and I enjoyed all of the primitive buildings and the barn. We thought we would be able to take a horseback riding tour because they do have riding trails but you have to bring your own horse. Pooey. Regardless, we enjoyed our visit and are looking forward to going back.

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