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About Us

Welcome to Travels of Wanderlust. My name is Terri Beavers and I decided to start this site to share my travels with my family and friends. I love to travel and I’ve been everywhere from the Bahama Islands to Chicago and on and on. I grew up in a military family, was born in Kodiak Alaska, and we traveled quite a bit during my dads time in service.  I settled down in Georgia as an adult and raised my children here. There’s scarcely any place better than Georgia to raise a family.  When the kids grew up and started their own families,  I started traveling again. I’m 100% convinced I have a gypsy soul. I can be described as a well-traveled middle-aged Georgia woman who can’t sit still long. I start getting antsy if I don’t spread my wings and travel at least once a month. If this is your first time here, bookmark my site and or sign up for my email newsletter and join me as I journey around the world to see what I can see. I generally travel with my service dog Peanut, friends, family, or, one or more of my five, {angelic} grandkids.

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I can also be found at Shabby Chic Boho, Terri’s Little Haven, and My Little Port.